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My online presence

When I first got access to the Internet, I only used it to read stuff. I didn't have a personal home page or a weblog. It was only after I discovered Wikipedia in 2004, that I started leaving texts on the web.

Now, you can find information about me or from me on various websites, which I list below. You can also encounter me in countless comments on forums, news articles, and blog posts. Just google "Johan Lont" (Note: There exist a few other people with the same name).

Wikipedia (Dutch)
In 2004, I became a contributor to the Dutch-language version of Wikipedia, but I haven't been a lot there lately. See my user page on Wikipedia. / Added by Johan's brother Ytzen Lont, see also condolances for Johan Lont (Aug. 30th 1959 - Sep. 6th 2010) at his Wikipedia User Page.

A few years ago, I bought a video camera and making videos became my greatest hobby. I opened a YouTube channel to show my creative productions to the world: JohanCLont

Later, I opened a second channel, dedicated to videos of birds, mice, hares, insects, sheep, and many other animals: Natuurfilmpjes.

't Beweegt (Dutch) [Natuurlog is opgeheven - YL]
A selection of my videos of natural scenes is included in my weblog 't Beweegt (it moves).

I posted a few dozen photos on, but I use that site mostly to view other photographer's photos and to post comments. On my profile page, I tell a bit more about myself.

For frequent short updates from me, see my twitter stream: @jclont.

I also have a Dutch language account on Twitter: @jclont_nl.

Vox (now Typepad)
On Vox, I have a blog where I write about myself. In 2009, I had to be admitted to hospital several times, and since then, a lot is happening in my life. People often ask me how I'm doing, and this is an efficient way to give a little more information. This is the address: <-- old / new -->

Johan's weblog (mostly Dutch)
My latest weblog, Johan's weblog, is used for anything I'd like to publish, that doesn't fit in 140 characters.

Part of my collection of bookmarks is public:

I still have an old blog called Entertaining the internet. This is a tumblrblog that I used to post or repost texts, photos, videos, or sounds that I created myself or found on the internet. Some bits of it are especially worthwhile, such as my cockchafer series.

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